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About Us
ShareRide2go is run by the ShareRide2go Company, founded by a group of business industrialist that desires to see travels made cheaper with the vision of community help among members where rides are mutually funded and qualified subscribers rewarded as well.
ShareRide2go is an independent company: ambitious and motivated, we have not stopped expanding by continuously providing more reliability, trust and efficiency to this good-spirited and environmental friendly mode of transportation.
Our projects are numerous and our ambitions international, but we remain a young team, passionate and committed to develop a more efficient and innovative service to expand the practice of sharing rides.
Riding with ShareRide2go is the future of travel called community travel. In a society where community policing, community relations has proven too effective, helpful and relational to humanity. Today, the world is almost become a global village on the tip of technology.
3 Things We Represent And Present To Our Society:
With access to millions of journeys, you can quickly find people nearby travelling your way. Then just Share the Ride as we connect you to a speedy and easy ride platform.
Select who you want to travel with (both driver and passengers). All member Data are verified and Identities authenticated for Secured Ride Sharing.
Stress Less
Get to your exact destination, without the hassle anymore. Cut unnecessary vehicle transfers, queues and the waiting around the bus station wasting time!
3 Things you’ll Love About ShareRide2go
You have the freewill to select to go anywhere anytime because we link you up to go everywhere, anytime with thousands of ShareRide2go private drivers. We have thousands of destinations connecting from place to place. No station required, just your ShareRide2go link to any destination.
We take the time to get to know our members; drivers and passengers. All profiles and ratings are checked and backed up check with social media accounts like Facebook. IDs are properly verified using the appropriate database to authenticate subscribers during registrations and Ride Sharing. So you know who you’re travelling with more and socialize better.
Save cost of travel as the company vision is to enable one another ease the economic stress of travelling. The fee is cheaper than the normal congested travelling routes.
The driver makes extra money for fuelling and the passengers get a cut-off on the normal exorbitant travelling charges by motorists.
22, Osolo Way, off Muritala Mohammed Intl Airport
| Airport Road, Lagos, Nigeria
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