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Reasons why you should travel with shareride2go
Two friends were traveling to Lagos... On the 8th of January, For Business Appointment. Mr. Patrick decided to drive down with his car, and Mr. Maxwell Registered with a carpooling service.. @Shareride2go. He opens his App and booked his ticket with Shareride2go. And Mr. Patrick got stuck on his way! He called Mr. Maxwell to know how if he has already left for Lagos. To his greatest surprise... Mr. Maxwell has already Arrived in Lagos, lodged in his hotel room. Mr. Patrick asked him how possible. did you travel by Air? He smiled and said No; my friend. I traveled with a trusted and reliable Carpooling service company!! SHARERIDE2GO IS all you need my dear friend, and you know what? It's affordable, Reliable, and Trusted and the good news is they offer free lunch. Really...? Oh yes, free lunch. Please Mr. Maxwell how can I register with them? My dear friend... All you have to do is log in to www.Shareride2go.Com or visit the Google play store or Apple store, to download your App. It's faster and Trusted!!! Oh, thank you, my dear friend!!!
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