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5 Reasons Why Traveling Will Boost Your Mental Health
The first thing that comes to many peoples mind when you discuss traveling with them is - vacation,making friends or business trip. While traveling has a lot to do with the reasons mentioned above, it's much more than that.

Here are 5 reasons traveling can boost your mental health:

1. Reduce Stress
Traveling is a great stress reducer. Traveling can drastically reduce your stress of work and other daily routine. Your daily work and routines will distract you from meaningful and interesting things.

Taking  a break from your daily hustle will help your mind to relax, recharge and rejuvenate. Traveling will enable you to see interesting things and places. It will help you take your mind off stressful situations, this will promote happiness for you.

When you are happy, this leads to lower cortisol level, making you feel more content and calm.

According to study, 80% of Americans, who were surveyed noticed a drop in stress after a day or two of traveling.

2. Traveling Will Boost Your Happiness
The fact that you don't have to go to your routine work when you travel, the new experiences and events will help you to rewire your brain, this will boost your mood and self-confidence.

Study has proven that the anticipation of a trip,  will increase your happiness substantially, more than the anticipation of acquiring tangible things like car.

3.Traveling Will Help You Reinvent Yourself
Travel will help you to expand your mind in a way you have never realize possible. The valuable lessons you learn by traveling will broaden your perspective, making you more aware and open to new things.

When you travel to a place that they practice different culture from your own, it will make you think about how other people live.

4. It Will Enhance Your Creativity
When you visit a foreign place for the first time, and immerse yourself in the local environment, it will increase your cognitive flexibility. It will also help you to enhance your depth of thought, consequently giving a boost to your creativity.

Extended traveling, will improve your productivity and problem - solving skills.

5. Makes You Mentally Resilient
When you travel to somewhere you feel excited about, it will help you toughen up emotionally and mentally. When you face difficulty in your new unfamiliar environment among new people, it will force you to learn and adapt to a life that's out of your comfort zone.

All these will make you more patient, emotional and flexible.

Now that you know what travel does to your brain, I suggest you prepare yourself  and visit a memorable place.

Is there any other thing you think travel does for mental health? you can share or comment.

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