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8 Best Places To Visit In Nigeria
Nigeria is a country with a population of over 200 million people. There are many interesting  and tourist attraction places you  can visit in Nigeria.

Whether you a citizen or a visitor to Nigeria, there are memorable places all across the country you can visit.

Lets explore the best places you can visit in Nigeria:

1. Yankari National Park
Yankari national park is a large wildlife park,  located in South-centered part of Bauchi State, in northern-eastern Nigeria. It covers an area of about 2,244 square kilometers and is home to several natural warm water springs as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Established in 1991, Yankari game is one of the best reserve where you can go with your family and friends to see different type of animals like; Lion, Elephant, Gorillas, Crocodiles etc.

2. Calabar
Calabar is the gateway to the reserves of Cross River. Is the home to the rain-forest of the Afi Mountains(home to chimps, gorillas, rare rock fowl), Calabar town is a well-honed tourist stop off on the way through to Cameroon.

The museum at Calabar is an interesting tourist place to visit. Calabar was once one of the principle slave trading ports in West Africa.

The Duke town chapel, which is considered the oldest Christian worshiping houses in Nigeria is worth visiting.

3. Abeokuta
Abeokuta is the regional capital of Ogun State. Abeokuta is home to the ancient and famous Olumo rock that soars atop the town.

This ancient natural fort play host to cultural museum, a craft shop and caves that showcase the history of the region as a whole.

4. Lagos
The city is home to over 18 million people from different tribes and culture in Nigeria. There is district of Victoria-Island where expats, sailors and locals alike chat over drinks and continental foods.

There is also Lagos Bar Beach-a sloping stretch of sand that meets the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Ibadan
Ibadan is a state capital and the erstwhile stronghold of the old Oyo empire. Ibadan is the largest metropolis city in Africa.

A good place to visit is the exhibition rooms of the National Museum of Ibadan, where traditional Egungun garments, tribal war drums and other historic monuments are kept.

6. Erin-Ijesha
The small town of Erin-Ijesha is home to one of the magnificent waterfall in Nigeria. The beautiful water feature draws different people to this historic city of Ilesha.

You can visit the hot spring at Ikogosi- a great place you can soothe your tired muscles.

7. Benin City
Benin city, is a town with plenty of history of its own. The town was once a strong empire in the history of Nigeria.

There are historical and ancient places you can visit in the ancient town of Benin. The people are known for great craftsmanship and bronze art work.

You can visit the national museum to see great historical art works.

8. Okomu National Park
Okomo is the few remaining virgin rain-forest that once dominated the territories of southern Nigieria. Okomu national park can be found between the mangroves and the Atlantic Ocean in Benin city.

The undeveloped remoteness of the place, has made it to become a refuge for rarer creatures , like Chimpanzee,Leopards and forest Elephants.

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