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Shareride2go - The Best Way To Save Money Traveling Today
Have you ever thought of embarking on a journey and the situation of the economy made you think twice?

Has the economy been unfavorable to you in the area of transportation that you don’t want to travel as a result of that?

Is it just cheap rides you are looking for to your destination, just so you don’t pay huge money for travel expenses?

Are you looking to travel to small towns or villages and you don’t have the means to rent a car, then book shareride2go  and enjoy a hassle free and cheap ride without having to spend extra to get to your destination.
Shareride2go is here to solve all your transportation problems.

Shareride2go is a Nigerian carpooling system that allows you share a ride with a car owner going to your destination for 40% off the price you would board it from regular buses.
Amazing right!!

Shareride2go is a good way for you to go from one destination to other, especially while on longer routes or you don’t have the means to pay exorbitant prices for transportation.

You can find cheaper rides from Lagos to Abuja, Ilorin to Abuja, Port Harcourt to Lagos; wherever your destination, shareride2go will take you there for a lesser price.

The truth is shareride2go comes with an exciting travel experience for the drivers and everyone who would be on board as well.

Most of the drivers can show you exciting places on your journey, you get to visit tourist centers, amazing restaurants where you can eat, you get to meet with different individuals that you can interact with and you get to see new places and a tourist guiding you which would also be the driver, you don’t have to go through the stress of going to these places with your car and you end up paying huge amount of money.

Booking shareride2go is also like booking Uber or Taxify here in Nigeria but it’s just cheaper and you are not paying the company but you are paying the owner of the car directly, splitting the fuel costs between everyone
Shareride2go has been designed to reduce the economic issue of transportation in the society; it’s not a full time job or side hustle for drivers to earn an income. It was set up to ease the stress and also make transportation easy for people who do not have so much to pay for transportation. It was not created for profit or business making

Shareride2go simplifies your ride booking process by making it fast and straightforward.

You can choose from a plethora of available rides and complete your booking process in no time. It's fast, it's straightforward, it's affordable ride sharing.

It's simple: you determine where you are going as a car owner, and Shareride2go connects you with vetted passengers travelling same route as you are for ride sharing in no time. 
Become a driver on Shareride2go and earn money on your schedule.

A few of what our users are saying about their experience with Shareride2go; 

I have been able to pick up passengers and earn on my schedule as I travel across Nigeria
- Ahmed Abdulhameen 

I love Shareride2go because it's cheap for me as a passenger. Kudos to Shareride2go.
Friday Bassey 
  Port Harcourt 

You don’t order a shareride2go to venture off as soon as you log in. Drivers’ post the day and time they’ll travel the route you desire, and it’s up to you to match with what they’re offering. So you need to be flexible in order to find something that suits your travel schedule. You also can’t expect to be dropped off precisely at your final destination. The driver will get you to the town or city you’re going to, but they’ve no responsibility beyond that—though some can decide to be accommodating if they want to.

However, if the driver cancels your ride or for whatever reason doesn’t show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time, you’ll be refunded the full fare and all service fees for your ride. If you need to cancel and do so 24 hours in advance or more, you’ll get a full refund minus the booking fees. If you cancel the same day, you’ll be refunded 50% of your fare minus booking fees, unless you’re a no-show at the meeting point. You also have 30 minutes after booking (even within the 24-hour window) to cancel your trip for a full refund minus service fees.

Book a ride in minutes! Shareride2go simplifies your ride booking process by making it fast and straightforward.
Experience premium carpooling services with Shareride2go, no hassle, no waiting, no stress
Get cheaper rides across Nigeria with as much as 40% cost reduction
With Shareride2go, you ride comfortably, and you spend less.
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