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Shareride2go Guide To Ride And Radio Interview Excerpts
Shareride2go's guide to ride-sharing platform. Shareride2go is it right for you?
You don't have a car, or you don't want to visit or travel to anywhere on public transportation?

Shareride2go, a carpooling platform with hundreds of users across the country could be your answer. Shareride2go carpooling service will help you to bypass transport tangles to access obscure destinations and go on comfortable trips without worrying about on-the-road chaos.

The basic idea is that you carpool with vetted car owners who are already planning to drive to your route and have a space in their car. With some flexibility you'll get to where you want to go- often faster, cheaper and with little bit of cultural exchange thrown in for good measure.

To enlighten you more about our service, read below an excerpts of the interview our public relations manager had with a radio station few  days ago:

Moderator: Good morning. Can you tell our audiences who you are and what your company is into?

Answer: Thank you. I am Anthony, with the media and publicity department of a ride-sharing platform called Shareride2go.
Shareride2go is a carpooling or ride sharing company founded on the need for economic impart and security, for an innovative and secure place for car owners and passengers to meet mutual and efficient cost saving rides.

Moderator: What are your areas of coverage?

Answer: Let me start by saying that the platform is built to serve the entire country. Systematically, we cover mostly the long distance journey from 18km and above with an exception of Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcout metropolis.

We have long distance coverage between cities and regions; the short distance within states or cities.
Moderator: Who are your subscribers and target audience?

Answer: Workers going to work with their cars and passengers who share ride with them. Students and corpers are also our target.

Moderator: What benefits will your audiences get by using your service?

Answer: For car owners, we offer them return on all fueling, including tear and wear cost. They will get vetted passengers to book for their ride. Help them from all park stress. The passenger will get a huge 50% savings. Passengers will travel with cheaper and safe rides.

We currently have a special bonanza where all our subscribers for long distance journey will receive a free meal ticket in addition to the regular benefits mentioned above.

Moderator: How do you refund car owners?

Answer: For a fair deal, our system automatically pays the car owner 48hrs after the journey is ticked completed to bring justice to the co-traveler whose interest is to reach their destinations. This is to also allow refunds in cases where a pasenger cancels his/her ride according to the ride cancelation policy and still compensate the car owner.

Moderator: Exciting, what's the security measures for the safety of all your users and intending subscribers?

Answer: We have 3 verification processes during registration and 3 security measures during ride booking.
During ride booking, each time we connect the car owner and co-travelers, our system issues a traveling ticket to the co-traveler and notification message to the car owner. The co-traveler will show the electronic ticket to the car owner for him/her to identify that the person is the vetted person to travel wtih him/her provided that all the personal information on the ticket corresponds to what the car owner is having.

Secondly, all our payments are done online. With  (KYP) now with our customer policy from the federal government, the company legal team have access to the information of all drivers and co-travelers if there is a need.

Thirdly, we have all the vital information of all subscribers and is documented and protected under our " Privacy Policy"

Moderator: Satisfacotry. Lastly how can one register and get started?

Answer: It's simple. Log on to: and enter your details as required and verify your email address.
Once you finish the verifications, you can book or post ride as a car-owner or a passenger.

All car owners pay a mandatory one time #100 fee as part of their verification processes.
You can download the app and enjoy other discounts and giveaways too.

Welcome to the smart city travel...Shareride2go!

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