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Your safety is our priority


Taking proper care of your vehicle is not only about extending your car's lifespan. It's also about keeping you safe while you are driving the car. Before you step into your car for a drive, make sure the car is in a safe condition, because neglecting car maintenance or the state of your car is a potential risk which can lead to an accident. An example of car maintenance that can cause an accident is improper tire pressure. Whether it's a low tire pressure, a high tire pressure, or an uneven tire pressure, they can all affect your car's performance or cause your tire to blowout. Check your tire pressure (refer to owner's manual) before you hit the road. Another key area to check is your car brake. Have them checked to detect the brake problems too.


An old public service campaign always says "speed kills”. This is not just a statement, it’s a fact. Research conducted revealed car drivers have a 4-5 percent chance of getting involved in an accident every mile per hour they drive. And when the speed increases, the risk also increases more.

With the incessant increase in car accidents on Nigerian expressways, the primary cause isn't far-fetched: Speed! To support this assertion, the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Corporation (FRSC) released a report which said, 50.81% of road accidents are caused by speed.

When you drive 10 mph faster across the town, you can only be saved by a few minutes while your crash risk increases by 50%. You can't compare the risk in speeding to the time you think will be saved on long trips. Simply obey speed limit posts along the road. And if you think you need to be there on time, then leave earlier.


Alcohol consumption weakens drivers and it has resulted in many fatal car accidents worldwide.

Alcohol has a lot of negative effects which are capable of causing auto accidents. The alcohol level in the blood may be low, yet the tipsiness reduces coordination and reaction time. It lowers one's self-consciousness and can drive drivers into making stupid choices. When the alcohol level increases, it can blur the eyes, give double vision and also a loss of consciousness. 

Driving when drunk is a big crime. When you are caught driving while drunk and your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 or even higher, you definitely deserve a jail term.

To avoid driving whenever you are drunk, ask a friend to drive you home or call an Uber. Perhaps you intend to drink, be sure a driver has been assigned to be close by. Of course, the inconvenience of riding home in an uber is nothing compared to when you stand the chance of having an accident in your drunken state.


Cell phones are constituting a major cause of auto accidents in recent times, as people now use their cell phones while driving. Consider this if you are among the league: A researcher made a comparison that, the time it takes a 20-year-old driver to react while talking on the phone is the same as that of a driver who is 70 years old. The implication? Using your cell phone while you drive can delay your reaction time up to 20 percent.

And talking about distractions, applying makeup, eating, talking with passengers or flipping through files are all elements of distractions. They can divert a driver's attention in dangerous ways. This advice from rocker Jim Morrison is handy on driving distractions: "Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel.
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