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Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 “TRAVEL CANCELLATIONS” WITH “NOT SEEN” AS A SHARE RIDE 2GO DRIVER This is ShareRide2Go Drivers’ frequently asked questions and answers. I.I Can’t Reach my ShareRide2go Passenger? Cross check on the number from your booking profile and check your email also. You can send a message on ShareRide2Go. Go to Booking page and then select See passengers. Get to them also on any of their social media accounts like facebook. NOTE: If your departure time is still more than One hour time. You can also send a message to ShareRide2Go II.Travel Cancellations or Not Seen? This occurs when you can’t make the travels due to genuine reasons or when someone who ought to be part of the ShareRide2Go community travel didn’t make it or is not seen. Go on “Travel Cancellation” or “Not Seen” and drop your observation. There is compensation for both parties i.e. ShareRide2Go Passengers and Drivers depending on time of cancellations. Travel Cancellations more than 24 hours before departure time: There won’t be compensation for you driver because there is still more time for another person to book your ride. Their seats become available for another person booking. Travel Cancellations of less than 24 hours before departure time: Half of the payment is given to you. I.e. 50% of the booking and the rest refunded to the passenger. The person seat is made available in case someone wants to book it for travel. ShareRide2Go Passenger was not seen: Based on our Terms and Conditions. The passenger and driver is given chance to make their complaints. If the passenger is at fault by not showing up, the driver gets his 100% payment. Unless there is a fault with the driver departure time, departure venue etc. III.Making Late Appointments Late Arrival to Take Off point: If the Driver arrives the first Departure point/Meeting point 15 minutes after Time of Departure, he pays a penalty of #100. If its 1 hour after departure time, he’s fined #300. Late Arrival to Stop-Over points: Arriving at stop-over points for more than 1 hour late attracts a penalty of #200. If there are peculiar issues or any unfortunate event, the driver must communicate to ShareRide2go Support Team immediately and the stop-over awaiting passenger(s). IV.Making Late Coming Complaints For every late catch up and time wasting should be reported at the booking page of that ride advert published. The time of reports tells us the measure and severity of sanction due the defaulter(s). V.Cancelling your ride? This can be discomforting especially when you have passengers already who had booked the ride. However, go to your Profile and select Rides. Then click on “Cancel My Ride”. Please do share with our ShareRide2go Relations Team on why you are cancelling the travel (only our Team of Relations will see it). It would help us on better management roles. We’ll let them know about the travel cancellation by SMS and or any of their social media accounts. Do sound nice if any ShareRide2Go passenger calls to know ‘why’ out of concern. You won’t be penalized or fined for cancelling, but when a ShareRide2Go driver cancel regularly (upto 3 times a month) and/or at the last minute always, we can suspend them from posting bookings or offering a ride until he gets sorted out by our Administrators. This is to keep ShareRide2go reliable and trustworthy. I AM A SHARE RIDE 2GO PASSENGER I.I Can’t Reach my Share Ride 2Go driver? Try these three things Ensure you have the right contact by going backed to the booking page to cross-check. Check your SMS and email/social media account when your booking was made. If still no success, you can send a message on ShareRide2go to both the driver and our technical team not less than One hour before departure time. To do so, head to Bookings and then select See booking details. From this page, you can message drivers directly. If the time is fast approaching, go to the departure venue and we’ll be in touch with you to reach our ShareRide2go driver. If you’re too comfortable, you can cancel the ride and state the reasons as much as you can. We will co-ordinate with the driver before your refund comes through to you. II.Cancelling my Share Ride 2go Travel? You can cancel any booking from Bookings icon. In situations where your travelling plans changes, do cancel on time earlier than latter. This will enable the seat to be made available for another ShareRide2go passenger to book the ride. However, know that your refund depends on when you cancel. This is a summary: Travel cancellations of more than 24 hours before departure: You will have a full refund except the network service fees. Travel cancellations in the last 24 hours before departure: You will have a refund of 50% of your booking except service fees. NOTE: If you booked travelling within the last remaining 24 hour, and cancel at least more than 1 hour before departure, we will give you 100% refund. However service fees will be excluded. However, if you cancel less than 1 hour to departure time, you receive only 50% of your contribution. To cancel less than 15 minutes to departure, you lose 80% of your contribution and get refunded only 20%. I couldn’t catch up: Then, we’ll give the driver a 100% full payment of your contribution. To cancel or not seen makes it hard or almost impossible for someone else to see and book that seat for the ride. That’s why we don’t refund the full amount at this point. Incessant cancellations: This is to checkmate ill-fated persons from causing our ShareRide2go drivers unnecessary stress and disappointments. Once you cancel a booking up to 3 times in a month, you are suspended from using the system till further notice upon which after the 2 weeks suspension you will go back to our incessant cancellation policy page to fill out and sign an affirmation form before your account is considered for reactivation. Regardless, the most important thing to do when you have to cancel is let drivers know. We’re all part of keeping ShareRide2go a reliable and sure way to travel for the benefit of all involved. III.Making Late Appointments Late Arrival to Take Off point: If the Passenger arrives the first Departure point/Meeting point 15 minutes after Time of Departure, he pays a penalty of #100. If it’s up to 1 hour after departure time, his travel is registered as unseen. Late Arrival to Stop-Over points: Arriving at stop-over points for more than 15 minutes late as a passenger attracts a penalty of #100. It’s better to wait for or your ride than the ride waiting for you. Any more lateness more than 30 minutes is treated as Not Travelling. The driver gets your full contribution paid for the ride if he leaves 30 minutes after. NOTE: Make late report of Drivers and Passengers lateness by going straight to the booking page where the ride was posted and report on late arrival. Your time of complaints tells us the nature of fine he pays after we confirmed from the driver his current status. More than one passenger report becomes more helpful to taking appropriate actions. IV.What happens when the driver cancels the ride? Then it’s not your making, you’ll get your money back, including service fees. You can still check back to see if there is other rides readily available for you to take a ride. V.I couldn’t travel as planned or show-up? Go and cancel your ride from the booking page. Failure to do so in more than 24 hours will attract penalties. As explained above. You can state why you couldn’t travel. If you fail to show up or cancel the ride, then you have no case to make as we will give the ShareRide2Go driver your own full contribution. However, if it turns out the driver was at fault, you’ll get a full refund. If you have other unanswered question, then Contact ShareRide2Go Relation Team. 1.2 MONETARY PAYMENTS: •How to Receive Payments •How to Make Payments •Making of Refunds 1.2.1 HOW TO RECEIVE PAYMENTS This is primarily for ShareRide2Go drivers. I.Getting my money? All ShareRide2Go drivers receive their money maximum of 24 hours after the ride if you travelled as planned. You can’t get it 12 hours after the travel. This is to give room for any complain from any of your passengers concerning no travelling as booked. On weekends, the money will arrive in your bank account within 1 to 3 working days depending on your bank. Make sure you’ve added your bank details on the Bank Details page on your Profile. You have to complete every field and don’t forget to save! II.I couldn’t receive my money after travel? Don’t worry; we’ll have it sorted out. Just go to your profile and tap on “receive my payment” and wait patiently for the Admins relation team to sort it out. You can send a note to us as well. We’ll be glad to sort it out ASAP. Not found the answer you were looking for? Contact ShareRide2go Team. 1.2.2 HOW TO MAKE PAYMENTS I.Can I make Teller Payments/ATM Transfer? Yes, all transfer/teller payments are captured by our system. Use the appropriate name in your ShareRide2Go account as the bank teller paying name. All ShareRide2Go passengers are expected to make their transfer payments immediately they book a ride. After your payments have been made and confirmed, the system alerts you by SMS about the drivers contact details and you can call them up or text them immediately as well. All methods of online transfer payments are acceptable. II.Can I make payment for someone else? Definitely yes! Once you’ve indicated the persons ride and clicked on taking a ride, indicate in the payment section by clicking “payment route” and then fill out the required fields. Enter the person(s) ID. In the case of more than one person ensure to verify their ID before proceeding to make payments. That’s it. Ordinarily, the payment route is at default of “Self” except when someone is making the payment for you can you now select “someone”. 1.2.3 MAKING OF REFUNDS All refunds are made based on our cancellation policy as stated on how and when to cancel a ride offer or travelling plans. Check on cancelling ride section for both ShareRide2Go drivers and passengers alike. NOTE: you must be within the rules f the cancellation policies to receive your full refund or part refund based on the circumstances and our cancellation policy. 1.3 REGISTERING & LOGGING IN: Registering Logging In 1.3.1 REGISTERING I.How do I Register? This is simple and only take a minute! Go directly to the website and click on “Register” and fill out the online form with your details as required. You can also download the ShareRide2go app. You require 3 levels of sign-ups, an Identity card (either of these three National ID, Drivers license or Voters Card), a social media account (facebook, Twitter, linkedIn) and or an email. You’ll receive a welcome note via your email once your account details are registered and verified. In fact, if you use your Facebook, it takes just one tap to create your ShareRide2Go account. And if you prefer to sign up with your email, you only have to enter your name, gender and birth year. From our website homepage, just go to “Register”, follow the instructions and you’re in for ShareRide2Go experience! II.Must I register and is it free? Your registration on ShareRide2go is completely free! And membership maintenance is also free! It is mandatory to register if you wish to benefit from our services, which connects drivers and passengers and saves you money on all your future travel plans. Being a member of ShareRide2go enables you to offer seats in your vehicle; avoid park hassles, road pick-ups and travel at the best price to thousands of destination. III.I have problems with registering! To register, you need to fill in all the necessary fields: last name, first name, date of birth, password and provide a valid email address. You can also register via the Facebook page and it is not mandatory but makes the process easier and faster for you. If the site indicates already registered, then you have either been registered before r the details you are providing are already linked to an account on our database. So click on “forgot password” in the identification window and follow the indicated steps. If a member has registered your phone number on their profile, or if a profile already exists with your Facebook credentials or in any other case, we invite you to contact us here. We'll answer you personally within 24 hours and get it resolved! IV.Is mail mandatory and what is the use? ShareRide2Go has an internal messaging system to be able to disseminate personal information to our members such as in password recover among others. You will only ever receive emails from us and not a third party. V.Why is Facebook Link important? Facebook link allows you to register and then log in very easily and quickly on ShareRide2Go by synchronizing the information on your Facebook account and the information required by ShareRide2Go when registering your account. Its fast to use and also reliable with your profile detailing. It gives more credibility and inspires others to trust you because you are on the open network that can be easily accessed by our community members who can also be friends with you facebook. VI.Can under 18’s register or use our travel rides? You need to be 18 and over to create a profile on ShareRide2Go. However, if you have a teenager who wants to travel, you have to use your account to book their ride and do the following Just a few very important things to do before booking: Contact the driver to inform them. Know where they will be dropped off and exact destination. Plan for someone to be at their destination to pick tem or receive them. NOTE: If a child is under 13 wants to travel ShareRide2Go, they are quite too young and a parent or guardian needs to go with them. However, if the driver agrees, then also inform us as well via your account. VII.Can I book a seat or offer a ride for someone else? Each person using the services ShareRide2Go must and should have their own profile! This is important for the trust, security and smooth organization of rides in general. Do you know that each profile created on the website is authenticated, rated and various elements are verified for purposes of security and trust, such as the phone number. Social media accounts and IDs. You won’t like booking or offering a ride to someone and after checking their profile but only for you to see another person as the person they booked the ride for or offering the ride. This will raise trust issues and insecurity concerns! Therefore, it is necessary for each person who would like to use the services of ShareRide2go to create their own profile. It takes just 30 seconds and all you need an email address and a phone number and a social media account for link up! You can make transfer payments for someone but can’t use your ShareRide2Go account to book a ride for them as far as they are 18 years and above. 1.3.2 LOGGING IN: How to Login? Why can’t I Login? Password error? Do this! Want to change your password? My Facebook link login is not functioning! I want to deactivate and remove my facebook link! I.How to Login? It’s easy as ABC and fast as lightning. Go to Log in on the app or website homepage. Choose between your mobile number and email and then enter your password. Once you enter your login details; you’re in! You can select the Remember me option to stay logged in for the next time. This is advisable if you have exclusive use of your phone! II.Why Can’t I Log In? When you can’t login, check some of these things. For your Facebook account? Make sure you’re connected to the same Facebook account you signed up with. For Email account, ensure your email address is correct and which is what you used for your ShareRide2Go account, and try your password again. Can’t remember which of your passwords you used for your ShareRide2Go account? Click on “Forgot password” enter your email address and we’ll send you a message to use the link to create a new password. III.Password error? Do this! Create a new password by clicking on "Forgot Password" on the login page. A page is displayed the do the following: a.Enter your email address (the one you signed up with on ShareRide2Go). b.Click on “Submit”. c.An email containing a link enabling you to create a new password. Click on this link. d.(If you can’t see the email with the link in your mailbox, check your SPAM folder in your email). e.Choose a new password, and then confirm it. f.Try not to forge your password again and keep it confidential! IV.Want to change your password? Log in, and then click on “Profile” in your account then select the “Change Password” tab change your password. Enter your current password, then the new password of your choice you can easily remember. Confirm the password and then click on Save. V.My facebook link login is not functioning? Ensure that it’s the facebook account linked to ShareRide2Go that you are on now. If after successive tries proves not helping, then please Contact ShareRide2Go Team. VI.I want to De-activate or Remove my Facebook link! This is not allowed and also can affect your ShareRide2Go rating! We strongly recommend you don’t deactivate it. Your account is safe with us and is not privy to a third party based on our Trust and Safety policy! 1.4 PROFILE AND ACCOUNT Complete your Profile My Profile Photo My Email Address My phone number(s) My Car Close my Account 1.4.1 COMPLETING YOUR PROFILE What is Dashboard? Must I write a note about myself? Changing my Preferences and Profile? Why is the number of my facebook friends displayed on the Website? I.What is Dashboard? Once you login into your account, the page staring at you is your ShareRide2Go Dashboard. It is the page from which you can find all of the different features available to you: Your Profile Your Preferences Your Authentication Your activity on the Site. Offer a Ride. Bookings. Messages. Alerts//Notifications. Ratings. Money (Payments made, Payments Received and Awaiting Funds). In a summary, your Dashboard allows you to manage all your actions on ShareRide2Go. It is simple, fast and effective! II.Must I write a note about myself? It’s a dutiful responsibility to add that to your Profile. Mention things like your profession (academia, business, Student etc), hobbies, likes/dislikes. You can be more explanatory on the types of ride you prefer (quiet or music) and one reason why you like to ShareRide2Go. A note about yourself gives people a clue about you and is a conversation starter. It Increases trust between members, helping you learn about someone before hitting the road or picking a ride. A little extra info goes a long way towards putting people at ease about you. III.Changing my Preferences and Profile? To access your Preferences from your Dashboard, you can click on "Modify my preferences" link situated under your profile photo, or by clicking on the profile. To Modify my Preferences involves: Do you like chatting up and being friendly with People? Do prefer minding your business with no interference? Do you love music, or prefer the ride in silence? Does cigarette smoke disturb you and never tolerates it? Say it all, by choosing the preferences which corresponds to your personality! To Modify Your Profile: Your personal information (which you chose when you signed up). Your profile photo. Your authentications (contact and email address). Information on your vehicle if you offer rides. You can always update and adjust your preferences and profiles anytime. IV.Why is the number of my facebook friends displayed on the Website? The number of friends you have on your facebook account is displayed on your profile. NOTE: This information does not disclose the identity of your friends. This helps to: Increase the reliability of your profile and your information. To indicate that you are active on social networks, this makes your profile even more trustworthy to either the driver or the passenger. Remember ShareRide2Go is a community and just like in facebook, your friends can see your profile details you have So, can our community members se ONLY your numbers of friends on facebook. 1.4.2 MY PROFILE PICTURE Is profile picture mandatory and why? How do I upload my profile picture? Are there rules regarding my profile picture? What should I do if my picture was refused and having trouble adding it? What if I don't have a profile picture? I.Is profile picture mandatory and why? Profile picture on your account is vital and part of requirement to completing your profile details. It gives credibility and trust to your account when booking a ride or offering a ride on ShareRide2Go. Otherwise, how do we recognize you even though your facebook account is linked to your account? However, you are mandated to upload your profile picture before you are allowed o book a ride! It is very important, and reassuring, that members see what other members look like, especially so that we can recognize each other at the meeting/pick-up point! Gueess what? Picture upload takes few seconds and adds trust and ratings to your account. II. How do I upload my profile picture? To add your profile picture by click on the following link: “Add Photo” on yourprofile. You can upload your photo in several different formats – jpeg, gif, or png (Not more than 2MB) by clicking on “Choose a photo” and selecting the file from your computer/phone. All of the pictures we publish to member profiles are moderated by our system first. Your picture will be visible to other members on your ShareRide2Go account once this approval/editing process is complete. III.Are there rules regarding my profile photo? Your profile picture must be within a certain size and format of 2MB of either jpeg, gif, and or png formats or the file size must not exceed 2 MB. You can reduce or constrict the picture size by using his link following site: Your photo must meet certain criteria, so here are some simple rules to follow: You should be alone and not with people. Should be like passport. Don’t put on any form of glasses to aid recognition. Make sure your face is captured well. Be recognizable and clear. Smile and be presentable. We can't approve pictures that are Cartoons like, Too zoomed away from the face and Blurry or too dark with Funny faces. Don’t forget that the objective is for other members to recognize you at the meeting point! So, we should be able to recognize you easily! IV.What should I do if my picture was refused and having trouble adding it? Check and ensure that the intended profile picture meet the rules of our profile pictures as explained above. You can try uploading a better and clearer one. Don’t forget to check and shrink the size of your profile picture before uploading to cut out delay. You will be notified via email or ShareRide2Go message folder if your profile photo could not be approved, with the possible reasons why. NOTE: Your profile photo can take up to 24 hours to be approved. V.What if I don't have a profile picture? It is not mandatory to have a photo on your profile, but you are not allowed to book or give out a ride without doing a simple profile upload which won’t take more than a minute! However, we actively encourage all members to add a photo because it greatly increases the chances of finding a ride and improving your security ratings. NOTE: No profile will remain active after one week of signing up without a profile picture until a photo is uploaded! 1.4.3 MY EMAIL ADDRESS What is Email Authentication? Must I provide an email address? What if I can’t authenticate/verify my email? I.What is email Authentication? This is a way to verify or be sure you are the owner of the email address you are providing on ShareRide2Go. Hence, we will send you an email with a link to follow, in order to authenticate/verify that you can be reached with that email address. It’s easy and free; to authenticate or verify your email now, do click here here. II.Must I provide an email address? You are mandated and required to provide an email address as part of a compulsory registration reqirementt. This is sso that we can send them any notifications about their travel plans and other necessities including Password and account Recovery/Resetting. ShareRide2Go also has an internal message system that members use to communicate with each other, so the only emails you will ever receive will be from ShareRide2Go relation team, and you run no risk of ever getting spam. III.What if I can't authenticate/verify my email? Do well to contact us then and specify the problem you encountered. We will be obliged to help you fix it ASAP. 1.4.4 MY PHONE NUMBER Is my phone number visible and when? Can I hide my phone numbers(s) How does the phone number authentication works? Is phone number authentication mandatory? Having issues with authenticating your phone number? I.Is my phone number visible and when? Your phone number(s) is invisible to anyone else except during booking a ride or offering a ride. Your phone number is provided to the driver when you make a booking or to the passenger who has booked a seat with you on ShareRide2Go. Your phone number(s) is saved on your profile, and is not displayed anywhere else on the site as a means of ensuring the reliability of the ShareRide2Go service. II.Can I hide my phone numbers? With the online booking system, your number is not visible to other members. Passengers who need to ask specific questions to drivers can do so by using the Public Questions (ShareRide2Go messenger). Members will only have access to your phone number and you to theirs after an online booking (payment) is made. You are a passenger? When you book a seat, your phone number is provided to the driver and you receive theirs as well. You are a driver? When a passenger books a seat online with you, your phone number is provided to them and you receive theirs also. III.How does the phone number Authentication works? After your registration, you are asked to enter and verify your mobile phone number, a simple and essential step to access all ShareRide2Go services. Authentication steps of your number are free and very fast. Do the following: Enter your mobile number on the authentication page and submit. You will instantly receive a SMS containing a 4-digit code. Enter this code on the authentication page, validate it by submitting and that's it! You can Authenticate your phone number now! IV.Is phone number Authentication mandatory? Having an authenticated mobile number is now mandatory if you wish to contact a driver, book a seat or offer a ride. It is a simple way of guaranteeing to the other members that your number is really valid, and that you will be reachable if necessary. It increases the level of reliability and trust within the ShareRide2Go community. Be rest assured that no other use will be made of your number: it will be never used for commercial purposes. You can Authenticate your phone number now! V.Having issues with Authenticating your phone number? If you didn’t receive the 4-digit code to authenticate your number after about 15 minutes (usually 1 to 5 minutes), it might be because: The country code or your phone number isn’t correct (you can cross-check your number on your Profile again). The number is already saved on another account. That’s its linked already. You can’t receive any text messages. Check from your message settings. You’re trying to verify a landline number instead of a mobile number. Note: It can take up to 15 minutes for the SMS to come through. If it’s been longer and you’re still waiting, contact us here. We'll then handle authenticating your phone number ASAP. 1.4.5 MY CAR Must I add my car descriptions? How do I put up my Car descriptions? What should I do if I am having trouble adding a picture of my car? I.Must I add my Car descriptions? Car detailing like make, colour, model etc helps give passengers a better idea of the car experience to expect while travelling with you. It helps easier recognition of their ride when they are meeting up with you at pick-up points. This can also add more security and trust for the members of our community. It’s certain that the more information you provide about yourself and your car, the more likely ShareRide2Go passengers will want to travel with you. II.How do I put up my Car descriptions? Do the following: go to “my car” on your profile. Give knowledge of your car make and model. Number plate is good also (for this, we'll keep this confidential and it won't appear on your profile or when you offer rides on ShareRide2Go) The colour and other helpful details like air conditioning You can also add or edit this information from your Profile anytime. Ensure you check and make sure what you’ve entered is correct information before saving. III.What should I do if I am having trouble adding a picture of my car? Make sure your car picture is same with your descriptions and that there was no mistake during upload, such as a picture of a Toyota Camry instead of a Toyota Corolla! No gimmicks! Check on these to see if that’s why your car picture was not authenticated and added. Maybe not the picture of the car you described. Hope you included the license plate. You are in the picture of the car. Not need please. It was vague and not clear. Showing the interior of the car will be rejected. There is a website visible in the photo, making it to be rejected. Know that we can't approve a car photo where you appear in the front of the car. It will obstruct a clearer view of the car. Besides, you already have a profile picture. If you car picture could not be approved, we plead you to upload a new photo of your car make a complaint to our Relation Team. 1.4.6 MY DRIVING LICENSE Why should I upload and authenticate my Driving License? How do I Upload my Driving License? Is it safe for me to enter my Driving License? I.Why should I Upload and Authenticate my ID? The ShareRide2go community is built on trust. To help build a reliable and trustworthy community, drivers are asked to complete a number of profile verifications. To add an extra layer of security to ShareRide2go profiles, we introduced License verification. By verifying your driver’s license, you’ll increase your chances of getting people to share ride with. All other members will see you’ve verified your ID, and they’ll be more likely to choose to share ride with you! II.How do I Upload my License? To verify your ID on your ShareRide2go profile, you'll need to upload either your driving license (full or provisional). Go to your Drivers dashboard and select ‘Upload Driving License’ Upload the front and back of your license according in the provided spaces from your media (phone/laptop etc). If these details are not completed by the driver, you cannot post a ride on ShareRide2go platform till you complete this process. III.Is it safe for me to enter my Driving License? Yes, it’s very safe to upload your License as it remains a confidential property under ShareRide2go platform with no share with a third part as provided on our Privacy Policy. They will only be verified by our third-party service provider and will not be shared with anyone else. Neither will ShareRide2go or our provider perform any background checks into your past, or into your personal or professional life. 1.4.7 DRIVERS ACCOUNT VERIFICATIION Why should Drivers account be verified further? What is been verified? I.Why should Drivers Bank account be verified? Drivers profile is quite sensitive and he determines the ride because he offers the ride. That being said, passengers’ bank accounts are verified because they make payments. In the case of the driver, he receives the contributed travelling fares. There is then need to verify the following in the drivers’ profile: All these are part of security measures to forestall ill fated humans from using our platform to carry out illegal and harmful practices. II.What is been Verified? This verification process mandates the diver to pay a token verification fee of #100. By so doing, we can get the following details verified and saved on our database as mandated and guided under our Privacy Policy. Things being verified are: A)Account Name: Verify his correct name. B)Account Number: Verify his banking details. C)Account Contact: verify his personal contact 1.5 ABOUT SHARE RIDE 2GO 2.5.1 About Our Mobile App. 2.5.2 Questions about Share Ride 2Go. 2.5.1 MOBILE AND APPS: How do I download the mobile app? How do I change the language or currency of the app? I.How do I download the mobile app? Head to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the mobile app. You can just click here for the app download. I phone users can get theirs equally from their IOS store. Our mobile app is not yet available for Windows and Blackberry users. You can always use the website and bookmark our web page for easier use. II.How do I change the language or currency of the Android app? Go to settings on your mobile app and select the needed option of either Language or Currency and set it as default Language and currency. 2.5.2 QUESTIONS ABOUT SHARERIDE2GO. What is ShareRide2go Who runs ShareRide2go? I.What is Share Ride 2go Riding with ShareRide2go is the future of travel called community travel. In a society where community policing, community relations has proven too effective, helpful and relational to humanity. Today, the world is almost become a global village on the tip of technology. Why go to a Car Park to start your journey when you can leave from your own very neighbourhood? Why enter the city centre when you want to escape the inside city hustle and traffic jam? Why drive alone? Why bear the burden of petrol cost alone? Do you know the stress of touts and passenger hustling at parks with time wasting along? Why not allow ShareRide2go pre-load your vehicle before your day/time of travel? ShareRide2go ride is people travelling together in small groups from around their area to a common place of destination. It saves time. It saves money. And often it’s even a fun way to get where you want to go in our community. II.Who runs ShareRide2go? ShareRide2go is run by the ShareRide2go Company, founded by a group of business industrialist that desires to see travels made cheaper with the vision of community help among members where rides are mutually funded and qualified subscribers rewarded as well. ShareRide2go is an independent company: ambitious and motivated, we have not stopped expanding by continuously providing more reliability, trust and efficiency to this good-spirited and environmental mode of transportation. Our projects are numerous and our ambitions international, but we remain a young team, passionate and committed to develop a more efficient and innovative service to expand the practice of sharing rides. 2.6 I WANT TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT To close your account, please go to “Profile and select “Close my account” Tell us by contacting us firsthand before closing an account. If you would like to close your account because you weren’t able to solve a problem or any form displeasure with the ShareRide2Go community service, contact us first. Consider these following tips before taking any decision: To change your phone number or your email address, you can edit your profile. To resolve a technical issue, please contact us instead. To protest an unresolved travel issue, contact us first. To stop receiving our emails, you can also edit your notifications. To deal with a perceived negative review that you feel is unjustified, please contact us! NOTE: (Do not be quick to close your account within giving huge thought to it because you will not be able to register again). Thanks!
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