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Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 “TRAVEL CANCELLATIONS” WITH “NOT SEEN” I. How do I register? You can register on our homepage by clicking the “register” icon. Or you can download the app from the playstore. Your registration is in 3 steps: You need to sign up with your ID ( national ID or Voters ID or Driver’s license). Then you need to put in your social media account ( facebook, twitter, linkedin) and your email. If you do this successfully, you'll get a welcome message through your email once your account is registered and verified. II.Must I register and is it free? It is absolutely free to register. You must register to use shareride adequately. III. I have problems registering, what should I do? If any of your registration issues are not from your end, you can contact us and we'll respond and fix it within 24 hours. You also have to make sure you fill in the required fields like your name, email. IV. Must I put in my email and why do you need it? Some information needs to be sent to you personally, and your email is the best way we can reach you. V. Why should I put in my facebook link? Registering on the platform is easier with your facebook link. Shareride has a way of synchronising the details on your facebook profile with your shareride profile easily. VI. Can under 18s register or use our travel rides? You need to be above 18 to create a profile on shareride. However, if you have a teenager that wants to travel, you have to use your account. You need to contact the driver to inform them, you also need to tell him the exact drop off location of the teenager and plan for someone to pick the teenager up. If the child is less than 13 years old, we advise the parents to travel with the child. VII. Can I book a seat or offer a ride to someone else? No, you can't do this. Here's why; every member is expected to have his own verified profile. Using another person's profile to make a trip breeds insecurity, distrust and dishonesty (which we frown at strictly). You can only make transfer payments for someone else. VIII. How can I login to my account? All you have to do is: Visit the web homepage Put in your mobile number and your password. Once you do this, you'll be logged in. NOTE: You can also ask the system to remember you so you don't have to login the next time. IX. Why can't I login? When you can’t login, check some of these: For your facebook account, ensure you're connected with the same facebook account you registered with. For your email, ensure your email is correct (the one you signed up with), then try your password again. X. Password error? Do this! If you can’t login because you're having a password error, click on the “forgot password” link”. You'll be redirected to a page where you can enter your email address. A message will be sent to your email, in this message will be a link where you can set up a new password. XI. I want to change my password, what should I do? Login and click the profile in your account, then change your password. XII. I want to deactivate and remove my facebook link This is not allowed as this can affect your share ride rating. Your details are safe with us and we won't share them with any third party. XIII. What is a Dashboard? The dashboard is the page staring at you once you login to your account. You can access a lot of features from your dashboard: Your profile, your preferences, your authentication, offer a ride, bookings, messages. There's a lot you can access by just visiting this page. Login to see all the features available. XIV. Must I write a note about myself? We believe it is a dutiful responsibility to write a few things about yourself. You can write about your profession, your hobbies, your likes and dislikes. It helps to build trust with your co travelers and also begin conversations on the journey. XV. Changing preferences and Modifying your profile? You can access your preferences from your dashboard. Click on the “modify my preferences” under your profile photo. To change your preferences means to answer questions like: Do you like chatting up and being friendly with People? Do you prefer minding your business with no interference? Do you love music, or prefer the ride in silence? Does cigarette smoke disturb you and never tolerate it? To Modify your profile: You can change any of the following on your profile; Your personal information (which you chose when you signed up). Your profile photo. Your authentications (contact and email address). Information on your vehicle if you offer rides XVI. Why is the number of my facebook friends displayed on the Website? The number of friends you have in your Facebook is displayed on your profile. Their identity will not be disclosed. We're doing this to increase the reliability of your profile and also to establish your activity on social media. XVII. Is profile picture mandatory and why? Your profile picture is important. It helps to identify you and also instill trust. Other members/ co travelers will be rest assured that they know whom they're traveling with. XVIII. How do I upload my profile picture? Click on the "Add photo"on your profile. You can add pictures of different formats (Jpegs, png, gif). You have to choose a picture from your phone or computer. NOTE: Your picture must not be more than 2MB. Your picture should be like a passport. It must be recognisable and clear. If your picture was refused, try to upload it again, but make sure that it follows the rules. XIX. What if I don't have a profile picture? It is not mandatory to have a profile picture. But you can't book or give a trip till you upload a picture. XX. Must I provide my email and what is email authentication? It is necessary that you provide your email address. This will help us to verify your account (authenticate). We send you a link in your email to verify your account. This helps us to know if you're the real owner of the account. For Drivers I can't reach my passenger… what should I do? Cross check the booking profile and check your email also. You can also send them a message on share ride, just go to the booking page and select see passengers. But if your departure time is more than one hour, you can contact share ride. Travelling cancellation or Not seen? This situation happens when one of the members of the community on the journey cancels his/her ride or is not seen in time for the journey. Here’s what would happen: If the cancellation is more than 24 hours, there’ll be no compensation because there’s still enough time to get a passenger. However, if this occurs less than 24 hours to your journey,you'll get half of the payment while the passenger gets a 50% refund. You can drop your complaints and observations at the “Travelling cancellation” or “Not seen” section of your dashboard. Making late appointments: If a driver gets late to the departure point by 15 minutes, he pays a fine of #100 naira. If he's late by 1 hour, he pays a fine of #300 naira. Also, if the driver arrives at the stop over point 1 hour later than the normal time, he pays a fine of #200 naira How can I make late coming complaints? You can make complaints at the booking page of that ride you took. The time of the complaint shows the severity of sanction due the defaulters. Cancelling your ride? You can cancel your ride on your dashboard by clicking the cancel my ride button. Please share with our shareride team why you're cancelling your ride, so we can reach out to your passengers. You won't be penalized for cancelling your ride. However, if any driver cancels his ride up to 3 times a month or cancels his ride at the last minute frequently, he will be suspended from posting on the platform.

About my car

Must I put in my car description? Adding important car details like colour, model helps your passengers to get a feel of what the driving experience would look like. It also helps them to easily recognise your ride at the pick up point. Passengers also tend to trust drivers whose complete information they see on a website. How do I put up my car description? All you have to do is to go to the “my car” section of your profile and you just have to fill in some important details. A few important details you’ll include are the picture of the car, the plate number( this will be hidden and made private), colour of the car, and other important details like air conditioning of the car. You should note that the picture of your car must be clear. And there should be no gimmicks or tricks. If your car is a toyota corolla and you upload a toyota camry, it is wrong. Also you shouldn't stand in front of your car when you're taking your picture. Why should I upload my drivers license and authenticate my ID? Passengers ride with people they can trust. Inputting your driver's license and ID is one way to show that. That is why we have introduced a license verification feature. With this feature, you can now verify your license and have a higher chance of people booking a ride with you. How do I upload my license and is it safe to do so? All you have to do is go to the “upload driver’s license” section on your dashboard. You just need to take a good picture of the front and back sides of your license and you're good to go. We should also tell you that it is very safe to upload your license. Shareride would not divulge your personal info to a third party. Why should I verify my bank account and how would I do that?\ Your bank account as a driver should be verified because that's where you receive payments that the passengers have made. To verify your bank account, you'll need to paya verification fee of #100. This will help us to get your important details like; Account name, Account number & Account contact.

For Passengers

I cant reach my shareride driver, what should I do? Here’s what you can do: Firstly cross check to see you've got the right contact on the ride booking page. Then check your email/SMS or social media account when your booking was made. If you've tried this method and there’s no success, send a message to the shareride team or to your driver 1 hour ahead of departure time. You can also go to your departure point if your time is running out. All other issues will be handled by our team at shareride. Can I cancel my ride? Yes you can cancel your ride from the bookings icon on your dashboard. If your plans change, you can cancel your ride so the seat can be made available for the next passenger. However, you must note that you will only get a refund depending on when you cancel your ride. If you cancel your ride more than 24 hours before your ride, you'll get a 100% refund. But if you cancel your ride within 24 hours of your journey, you'll get a 50% refund. Note: if you booked your seat within 24 hours of the ride and you cancel more than 1 hour before your journey, you'll get a 100% refund (but service fees will be deducted). But if you cancel within 1 hour, you'll get a 50% refund.if you cancel within 15 minutes into your journey, you'll only get a 20% refund fee. Shareride will suspend any passenger who cancels his rides constantly (like 3 times a month). If you can't catch up with your ride, your driver gets 100% of your money. Making late appointments: If you make a late arrival to your departure point or stop over point. You'll get a #100naira penalty. Any lateness later than 30 minutes is not considered as traveling What happens when the driver cancels the ride? You'll get a refund of your money. What if I can't travel as I planned to? All you have to do is cancel your ride from the booking page. However, you should know that you must cancel before 24 hours to your journey to get a full refund.


How can I get my money? This information is for drivers specifically. You’ll get your payments a maximum of 24 hours after the journey. On weekends, you'll get your money within 1-3 working days. You should make sure you've added your bank account details from your dashboard. I didn't get my money after my trip, what should I do? Just go to your profile and click on “receive my payment”. The Admins relations team will sort it out. Can I make Teller payments/ ATMs payments: Yes, you can pay by either means. For teller payments, use the right name in your account for your teller. You can also make a transfer after you book a ride. Can I pay for someone else? Yes you can. All you have to do is pay through the “payment route” after indicating the person’s ride and clicking it.

Questions about shareride.

I. What is shareride2go? Shareride is the future of community traveling. Our goal is to make traveling fun and an adventure for you. If you have ever had any issues with traveling recently, you would know that the traditional system of going to the car pack, waiting several hours for other passengers to come and sweating all through the journey is distasteful. That is why we’ve built an effective system that takes away all these problems. II. Who runs shareride2go? Shareride is run by a group of strategic businessmen and women who have identified a problem in the society and have pulled resources together to provide a solution. At shareride we prioritize your safety, comfort over our profit. That's why we ensure transparency, honesty and integrity on the platform. III. How can i download the app? You can simply download the app from your phone’s play store. You can download it from both google play store and Ios play store. IV. How do I close my account? To close your account, go to your profile and select “close my account”. We believe that if there are issues regarding your account, you should contact us to resolve any issues as opposed to closing your account. However, you should note that if you close your account, you will not be able to register again.
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