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How it Works
Do you need travelling? There’s a trusted ShareRide2Go car owner that’s travelling your route and willing to share the ride.
Why not offer our community member a discount seat to share the ride with you?
You as well save travelling cost on your ride, both as a car owner and passenger. That’s mutual funding by community members of ShareRide2Go!
Where do you want to take a ride to?
Share Ride?
Get private, convenient, cheap and secured rides that are charitable enough going your way that are willing to share. ShareRide2go Community travel does the link up to its car owners going your route.
Where do you want to drive to?
Ride 2Go
Offer someone/some persons a ride and get paid for it. ShareRide2go gets you verified and registered members to share the travel cost.
Click on “register” and then provide registration details such as name, email, mobile number(s) profile picture and other particulars as requested.
Confirm your email address from your inbox to prove authenticity by clicking on the link sent to you. Then login with your email and password and complete other important details. Always ‘save’ your updates before logging out.
Once your profile is completed and up and running, you can proceed to your “Dashboard” to see various menus available to you and don’t forget reading more on Frequently Asked Question.
STEP II: FINDING A RIDE (ShareRide2go Members)
A. Click and Find a secured ride ready to Share Ride to your closest destination:
Anytime you want to travel, just say where you’re heading, where you’re leaving from and when. Your current City/Area (Take Off) and your Destination point (Drop Off). Available rides going your routes will be sample and you can pre-view them and then chose your best option. Pick any ride that works for you from our multiple private car owners travelling through your route!
Check out car owners' profiles! You’ll see what others say about travelling with them.
B. Book and pay online:
Tap book and pay for your seat. If you are paying for more than yourself, please make sure of the following:
a). That the ShareRide2Go subscriber(s) you are paying for has booked the same ride or any ride of his choice but his payment is pending.
b). Ensure that you enter their correct Subscriber ID.
c). Verify the ID to be double sure.
d). Then proceed to make your payments.
Once you do, you’ll have the car owner’s phone number to get in touch with him and the system alerts the car owner promptly as well with your details.
If for any reason a car owner cancels, we’ll refund you according to our cancellation policy or show you many other car owners going same route.
C. Hit the Road by Travelling together:
Prepare and arrive at the departure point before the set time. Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to leave a rating! (Rate your Co-ShareRide2go members). By leaving a rating means you’re more likely to have one left for you!
a). Check out car owners' profiles! You’ll see what others say about travelling with them. Read more about them.
b). If a car owner cancels an appointment, we’ll refund you according to our Cancellation Policy or better still give you more other options of Shareride2go car owners going your way immediately.
c). You can also cancel your travel or ride booking to book another ride of your choice. Remember to check all our Cancellation Policy to guide you on all about ride cancellations.
d). Arriving late for your ride or journey has a penalty as a car owner or passenger. Read more on Making Late Appointments from our Frequently Asked Questions.
e). Leaving a rating of a car owner or a passenger conduct is very vital to knowing more about them. That means you’re more likely to have one left for you too!
REWARD SYSTEM: (Open and Optional)
Finally, you can be part of our reward system when you use your ShareRide2go “Identity Code” or “Referral ID” or “Personal Code” to get someone registered into ShareRide2go platform. See all the requirements and conditions from our Reward Packages.
Everything subject to this reward system has its Terms and Conditions with Requirements attached.
Happy Share Riding! CHEERS!!
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