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ShareRide2go has a reward system and incentives for its community members who fulfill the obligations of a good conduct, hard working, and shares the company leading idea on community easy, fast and secured way of traveling anywhere anytime.
These reward packages and incentives come in the form of Referral bonuses, Highest Patronizers of the platform and Hiring rewards. The subscriber must understand the conditions and fulfill the requirements for any of these reward(s).
These bonuses are only for those who use their ShareRide2go ID to refer/register others. There are Two Kinds Referral Bonuses to enjoy
General Referral Bonuses:
When you register 5 persons who have concluded their Verification process, you earn #200 in your Referral e-wallet. The first 3 persons give you #100 while the last 2 gets you another #100. That is #200 for every 5 persons you connect to ShaReride2go platform.
The earned referral bonuses can be used to book a ride for yourself or someone else. It can also be transferred to your bank account.
The earned referral bonuses must not be up to #500 before it can be used to book a ride for yourself or someone else.
To withdraw the earned referral bonuses, you must be an active subscriber that has offered a Ride (I.e. Car owners) or taken a Ride (I.e. Passengers) at least once a month.
Special Monthly Referral Bonuses:
Any subscriber (Car Owners/Passengers) who refers or register at least 5 car owners (Drivers) earns a monthly #1,000 Special monthly bonus.
Three (3) out of your Five (5) referrals who are car owners must be active (i.e. they offer rides to members at least once a month).
You the subscriber who referred them must not be active to earn your monthly #1,000.
These bonuses are given when you offer or take a ride as either a car owner or a passenger respectively. There are Two kinds of Ride Incentives.
Monthly Fueling Incentive for Car Owners:
I.A car owner in every state of the federation who has the highest ride offers to ShareRide2go members earns an additional #5,000 for fueling. The driver must not have ride cancellations exceeding 3 times for that month of qualification.
II. A car owner in every state of the federation who is the first to have up to 5 completed ride offer with no single ride cancellations and late appointment will receive a fueling bonus of #3,000.
To be given any of these fueling bonuses, ensure that your profile is 100% complete with profile picture, drivers license among other needed essentials.
Drivers who met all these required qualification criteria for the month will receive their fueling bonuses from the beginning of the next month.
One-Time Monthly Free Ride for Passengers:
This is for members with at least 5 persons they have referred/registered using their ShareRide2go ID and also have the highest ride booking in a particular month in every state of the federation. This booking can either be for yourself or someone else.
Your 5 referrals being active or not will not affect your qualification for One-Time monthly free ride.
You must have 100% profile completion with no single booking cancellations and late appointment report/penalty.
I. What is Referral?
This is the act of telling and registering someone into ShareRide2go platform. To refer means to tell some about something you already know, use and enjoys for them to go and experience the same.
Upon completion of your registration and authentication by our system, the system automatically generates your ShareRide2go Personal Code (SR2Go PC). This is also your referral ID. However this ID is dormant until you go to your profile and select “Refer someone” then it takes you to a page to offer someone a place as your referred user of our ShareRide2go community.
These referred person’s makes up for your Direct Referrals/Recruits called level 1, which is only those you personally used your SR2Go PC to register on our system.
Every other registrations those on your level 1 (your Referrals) does do not appear on your profile recruits and does not benefit you. Only those you personally referred or who use your SR2Go PC/Referral ID are your level 1.
II.What are Bonuses?
Bonuses are rewards and benefits granted to someone for obtaining a given set target, fulfilling a rank, stage or having completed a task. It’s an additional profit to you as a reward for participating in a system.
In ShareRide2go, we offer our community members incentives and good work packages as a reward for promoting this mutual travelling funding. This is both as a passenger (taking rides) and a driver (offering rides). Everyone has got something to benefit!
NOTE: Bonuses and incentives are available to ONLY Active Subscribers of ShareRide2go who fulfills its requirements. To enjoy those benefits, get off to becoming an Active Subscribers.
III. How do I Refer Someone?
Use your Referral ID/Code at the needed space when filing out a new registration form for anyone. You can copy your referral link from your profile as well and share it on social media groups. Anyone who clicks your link is taken directly to the registration portal with you as the referral. They all appear as your Level 1 (i.e. Direct Referrals). Go to “Referral Page” to see your level 1 referrals.
IV. What is Active and Passive Subscriber?
Active Subscribers is anyone registered on ShareRide2go community that makes use of the system at least once a month by either taking a ride or offering someone a ride. They are steady users of the platform.
Passive Subscribers are registered members who make use of the system once in a long while; either by taking or offering someone a ride.
V. What’s Active and Passive Referrals?
Active Referrals are those of your level 1 persons who upon completion of their ShareRide2go registration has made use of our system by taking a ride or offering someone a ride at least once a month. They are steady users of our system. Active referrals are on green colour.
Passive Referrals are registered members of your level 1 who seldomly/hardly take a ride or offer someone a ride on ShareRide2go. They do that once in a while and not at least once a month. Passive referrals are on pink colour.
VI. How do you know which referral is a Driver or Passenger?
We get to know by their profile completion. Drivers must upload car photo to enable verified and registered members who booked their car to be able to recognize their ride at the meeting/departure point. Switch account of Offer a Ride and Take a Ride defines more.
VII. Must I Refer Someone to enjoy ShareRide2go travel?
Definitely not! You can use our services to offer ride and take ride without bothering about referral benefits/bonuses or anything else.
However to enjoy the enormous benefits of these bonuses and incentives, you must fulfill the duties of being either a Classic ShareRide2go Subscriber, Ambassador of the month, Executive Ambassador of ShareRide2go or to be hired by ShareRide2go Community, you have to fulfill the requirements due the benefits.
To be an Active subscriber (i.e. Taking or Giving Rides) without referrals is not enough to open up to you these benefits until you have the minimum required referrals.
You can monitor all your monthly progress from your profile by checking on the “Referral Page” icon. Good Luck!
These Reward packages are subject to 6 months interval review. This is to at all time make the benefits exciting and practicable as subject to feedbacks and effectiveness.
All news and updates will be available and shared on Shareride2go blog among other interesting information and promos.
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