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You can refer others to use the share ride 2go system with your personal code or ID code. And you get a gift/ reward for doing so. Remember that it is optional..
Share ride rewards its users who are committed to helping the company grow with bonuses like you'll discover below:
These bonuses are only for those who use their ShareRide2go ID to refer/register others. There are Two Kinds Referral Bonuses to enjoy
General Referral Bonuses:
This is a very easy way to earn money. All you have to do is refer 5 people who have verified their accounts. When you do this, you earn #200 naira. You get #100 for referring 3 people and the remaining #100 for the other 2 people.
Don't underrate the amount of money you can make. Think of it as a means of generating and accumulating passive income.
Not only that, you can use this money to pay for your rides. You can also withdraw it into your bank account easily IF you are an active subscriber that has taken or offered a ride before.
Special Monthly Referral Bonuses:
You can earn #1000 monthly for free if you refer 5 car owners. But there’s a catch… 3 out of the 5 car owners must be active users.
These bonuses are given when you offer or take a ride as either a car owner or a passenger respectively. There are Two kinds of Ride Incentives.
Monthly Fueling Incentive for Car Owners:
I. This bonus is exclusively for only car owners/ drivers. Any car owner who has the highest ride offers from passengers earns #5000 for free every month (but he mustn't have more than 3 cancelled rides).
II. Also, any car owner who is the first to have 5 completed ride offers without cancellations or late arrivals will earn #3000 naira for free. But you have to make sure that your profile is 100% complete.
You should also know that if you win, you'll be paid the beginning of the next month.
One-Time Monthly Free Ride for Passengers:
This is for passengers who have referred at least 5 persons in one month with their shareride ID. Also they have the highest ride booking in that same month which can be for yourself or others.
It doesn't matter if your referrals are active or not. All that matters is that your profile is 100% complete.
I. What is Referral?
This means telling others about the benefits you've enjoyed using share ride. You then invite them with a personal code you'll get from your dashboard. You should bear in mind that they must register using your personal code.
II.What are Bonuses?
These are gifts and rewards that members ( passengers and car owners) get for meeting a target, achieving a rank or getting to a stage. All you have to do is to be active and try to meet these goals above.
III. How do I Refer Someone?
All you have to do is let them register through your personal referral code. You can share this code on social media. When they click this code, they'll be redirected to a registration page with you as the referrer.
IV. What is Active and Passive Subscriber?
An active subscriber is any member of shareride community (passenger or driver) who uses this platform at least once a month.
A passive subscriber is any member who hasn't used the platform for a long time.
V. What’s Active and Passive Referrals?
An active referral is a member that you referred with your code and has been using the platform at least once a month
A passive referral is a member you referred but hasn't used the platform in a long time
VI. How do you know which referral is a Driver or Passenger?
We get to know by their profile completion. Drivers must upload car photo to enable verified and registered members who booked their car to be able to recognize their ride at the meeting/departure point. Switch account of Offer a Ride and Take a Ride defines more.
VII. Must I Refer Someone to enjoy ShareRide2go travel?
Definitely not! You can use our services to offer ride and take ride without bothering about referral benefits/bonuses or anything else.
However to enjoy the enormous benefits of these bonuses and incentives, you must fulfill the duties of being either a Classic ShareRide2go Subscriber, Ambassador of the month, Executive Ambassador of ShareRide2go or to be hired by ShareRide2go Community, you have to fulfill the requirements due the benefits.
To be an Active subscriber (i.e. Taking or Giving Rides) without referrals is not enough to open up to you these benefits until you have the minimum required referrals.
You can monitor all your monthly progress from your profile by checking on the “Referral Page” icon. Good Luck!
These Reward packages are subject to 6 months interval review. This is to at all time make the benefits exciting and practicable as subject to feedbacks and effectiveness.
All news and updates will be available and shared on Shareride2go blog among other interesting information and promos.
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